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Above are the most recent representations of a new shirt logo for RCJO.  The upper left is the original concept, but we felt that it looked too much like a button (Thanks to Greg for pointing that out!).  The others are just variations on the "unbutton" style, all of which were developed toward the bottom left color version.  The gradient colors in the orange sunset over the twin cities skylines and that slight hi-light gradient in the blue are nice for published versions, but we would have to very likely use the solid version on the right for embroidery.  I am, however checking as of the 1st of December of '05 on whether or not this might be possible with a particular logo shirt shop I have in mind.  The other ones above in the grey half tones would be possibly used in black and white publications of events, such as news releases.  This is sometimes needed, however these days that requirement is becoming more rare. I am currently checking on "no-iron, low maintenance shirts for pricing.  We will be going with a white long sleeve shirt with a dress collar so we can add a solid color tie (I suggest either black or the darker blue tone). I will post everyone as soon as I know more.  We will be doing a single prototype before we commit to ordering shirts for the full ensemble. We think this will be a more visible uniform logo with a more formal appearance for the band when we need the look.

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