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Rink Rat
Cheek Tuesday

Midi tunes are on their own page.  Just open the page and your browser should play the tune.  If not, there is a link on the respective page to allow you do download the actual midi file.  You may need to download a midi player.  Most internet users have a Windows PC and so you should be able to play any midi file using Windows media player.

Here is a link to a free downloadable midi player WinAmp

Here is an MP3 file you should download and listen to as of 10-6-04.  Right click on the link, select "Save Target As....", and use your windows media browser to listen to it.

This track is only the first minute or so.  I will try to post the fill version check back.

Cheek to Cheek (Intro Only version)

Cheek to Cheek (full version)

Rink Rat (full version)


Track 11 Band charts:

Pick Up the Pieces


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