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Gig To Remember


Man! Last night, we played a wedding job with the big band that was the most interesting, fun, and unique event of this type for us, ever!  It was at  Golden Wings Flying Museum.  (Here is a PDF on the museum that shows some of the planes in there.) There are some 30 plus pre-world ware II planes (most from the 20s and 30s) that have all been totally restored and are all in flying condition!  At least once a year they all are flown on a country wide touring circuit.  There is even one planes that was flown by Amelia Earhart, and a Stinson A Tri-motor eleven-passenger airliner from the late 20s, which was actually the very first airliner ever, owned originally by American Airlines.  When it was built, it cost just under $30,000 and airfare was $1 to $2! 

  The wedding ceremony itself was a musical event to behold.  They had the Seward Community Band, a 50-piece group play before and during the ceremony. From that group, there were three smaller ensembles that also played (a flute ensemble of about 12-15 flutes, a sax quartet, and a brass quintet who had one retired trumpet player from the Minnesota Orchestra.  I met and ran into many other musicians who I either knew or had heard of, also.  Having the other players who were guests of the bride and groom sit in and play was great fun!  


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